Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to mail stuff

I have totally mastered the art of mailing stuff !!!!!! YEAH! (for cheap)

And here are some more rules:
1. Don't go to the courier at lunch time or after 7pm because the guys there will ignore you.
2. The post office is crowded on Mondays. 
3. If you don't seal your air mail package, postage is cheaper. (It's considered printed matter).
4. Don't forget to calculate the weight of your bubble wrap, box, packing paper and tape.
5. Always stock up on stamps! You'll regret it when you run out.
6. Some mail boxes have extra small slots. So beware.
7. Google-map (verb) suspicious addresses (suspiciously wrong) or you'll just have to mail it again when it gets lost.
8. Bring change for the courier but the post office will always have change for your $500 bill.
9. The courier sometimes gives you discounts. Yay yay yay! But the post office won't. (But the post office is losing millions of dollars every year)

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